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MMoMU is a Season 12, Non Reset server that was created in January 2017 by the highly motivated old school players.. Our mission is to introduce to the MU Community worldwide a new MU-Online experience. We know it's hard to believe, after all, there were a lot of MU variations and you think you've probably seen everything, We can confirm you that we saw everything since we are playing MU-Online since season 1, back over from 2003, that's why we brought you this project, We are replete from easy, medium and even hard server, even the global MuOnline not as it use to be.. That's why we want to give you and us a new play2win, stable and challenging experience based on teamwork and fun! We love this game but we think we can make it much better! with new challenged configuration that's not that far from the global but much, much better. Yeah, we know, its hard to believe, but try it yourself and begin a new MU-Online experience, the MMoMU Experience.

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